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  Interview with Ruby

Interview with Ruby

Like many people living at the Lake of the Ozarks, Ruby Snyder refers to herself as a transplant. " I moved to the Lake in the mid eighties from Pennsylvania where I began my career in real estate. In fact I managed the first Resort Properties Division of Merrill Lynch Realty. I became familiar with the Lake Area after meeting Dr. Atef Sharkaway at a convention in Chicago. He invited me to tour his project, Tree-Top Village, which we then added to our inventory of vacation properties," explained Snyder.

Having been offered a position at the Lake, Snyder made the decision to move her two young daughters. One position led to another until finally an opportunity with Four Seasons Lakesites presented itself. "My first assignment for Mr. Brown was to do a feasibility study for fractional ownership which is a hybrid of timeshare. Little did I know, at the time, that fractional ownership would become the hottest product in the timeshare industry. Four Seasons was ahead of their time being the first to develop such a property in this area and I was fortunate enough to be a part of it," exclaimed Snyder.

Snyder's ultimate goal , while still in Pennsylvania, was to someday sell real estate on site at a resort. This goal was realized when she was transferred to Four Seasons Racquet and Country Club. Having spent 22 years at that property, with only a short hiatus to Branson to work for a major developer, Snyder said, "The Lake has always been a beautiful place to visit but today we have so much more to offer. The Community Bridge has made so much more of the Lake Area readily accessible. Golf has become a major attraction due to the multitude of signature courses. Our retail industry has grown to offer everything you need. Lake Regional Hospital has garnered great support from the community and has been able to add on and expand departments. Today we don't have to drive to Jefferson City, Columbia or Sprinfield for specialists or speciality items. Everything we need and want is right here at home!"

After retiring from the position of Property Manager and Broker of the resells division at the four seasons racquet Country Club, what's next for Ruby Snyder? "I've watched the area grow and change and I've seen many challenges in real estate at the capital Lake over the years. I still want to be a part of the real estate industry so I made the decision to open my own real estate office. I'll continue to specialize in nightly and long-term rentals and resells at Four Seasons Raquet Club and now I can put my knowledge of the area and experience in real estate to work in all areas of the market. Real estate has been my lifes career and I look forward to continuing my career for many years to come.

The new office of Ruby Snyder Real Estate Sales and Property Management, LLC. is located at 2864 Bagnell Dam Blvd. in Lake Ozark. She can be reached by calling 573-365-7780, 888-312-RUBY or
by emailing rubyred@socket.net

-As reported in Golfers Magazine; Spring 2007 Issue